Adress:  Harteveldlaan 50

Zipcode: 2675 LD

City: Honselersdijk


Aad: +31 622205609
Paul: +31 623870478

Fax:+31 174-624206


Company from start to present

On 1-1-1986 the brothers Paul-1961 - and Aad -1967 - van der Knaap started a cooperation under the name Firma Gebr. P and A van der Knaap.
The glasshouse build in the year 1981 with 2 ha glass was taken over by the brothers from their father.

They grew eggplants on substrate.
5 years later in 1991 they bought another glass house with 19 000 m2 glass at the Harteveldlaan 46. The cultivation there was also eggplant.  Aad was in charge of this nursery for all facts.

Paul continued to do that the Hooghe Beer.
In 1995, the greenhouse at the Harteveldlaan was demolished and rebuilt again. After several years this way of working proved to be inefficient. They needed two sorting lines 2 water units 2 climate computers and so on.
In 1998, therefore a few adjacent parcels were purchased and a new greenhouse was built at the Harteveldlaan.

The nursery at the Hooge Beer was sold and the nursery to the Harteveld laan 44 with 5.2 ha glass was a fact and is to present the main address.
In 2003 the existing sorting shed was replaced for an efficient new hall. In the same year, the firm became a limited company and the name became Panda BV.

In 2007, by chance a party Strelitzia plants was purchased. Since the employment peak for strelitzia is in the fall and winter this is in contrast to the egg plants, it seemed like a good combination.
A new adjacent greenhouse was bought and all plants were carried in. At that time, the possibility arose to take over the selection of plants of nursery Edenhof.
This nursery was the top in the Strelitzia culture with its own selection. This was for PandA the chance to be a great player. Strelitzia in the cultivation
Again an adjacent nursery was added to the Panda company. From that time PandA is a mixed nursery with 5.2 ha eggplant and 2.1 ha Strelitzia.



Below a picture of the nursery as it is now.