Adress:  Harteveldlaan 50

Zipcode: 2675 LD

City: Honselersdijk


Aad: +31 622205609
Paul: +31 623870478

Fax:+31 174-624206

Latin name: Strelitzia Reginae.

Common name: Bird of Paradise Flower.

We deliver both Strelitzia flowers as Strelitzia plants.

The flower is commonly known for its long vase life in flower arrangements and bouquets. Also, the leaves are hereby frequently used. However, in order to enjoy the beautiful flowers you can look at our care tips.

We offer our flowers via the clock auction FloraHolland. Because of hygiene measures because there is no sale to private individuals.

The growers group through which we deliver our plants is the plant Comfort Group. The link with extended tips for caring for plants can be found here. (Dutch website)